Fibrwrap Construction Europe Ltd. (FCE), the European Fibrwrap Company responsible for operations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States (121 countries in total), has introduced and applied a unique business development model, the FIBRWRAP® Construction Franchise, for the business expansion in its Territory of numerous languages, business principles, codes and regulations. FCE supports its licensed Franchise Companies by offering full technical, logistics, and financial support and by providing the means for establishing and running successful companies in the scientifically challenging and technologically evolved field of structural rehabilitation.

Fibrwrap is a member of Aegion Corporation (, a global leader in infrastructure protection and structural rehabilitation, and works closely with its counterpart company Fyfe Europe S.A. (, an organization dealing with the invention of state-of-the-art materials and repair techniques.FCE specializes in the design and application of structural rehabilitation, strengthening and renovation with the use of new technologies for transportation infrastructure, buildings and industrial complexes, waterfront structures, pipelines and storage structures, and comprehensive blast and fire protection.

FCE is committed to excellence and is dedicated to provide turnkey, cost effective retrofit methods to its clients. This has been the cornerstone of the company’s rapid growth to a globally recognized structural rehabilitation firm. FCE, with its subsidiary corporations, forms an ever-growing network of companies for which no project is too small or too scientifically indifferent. They are also always looking for professionals ready to undertake the unique challenge of being construction experts with a strong background in design and an experience with novel technologies in the civil engineering fields.



Welcome to Fibrwrap Construction Europe Web Site

Welcome to this interactive platform that serves as both the means of exchanging views and ideas and as the instrument of solving interesting and unique problems in the areas of technology evolution and applied contracting practices in civil engineering applications.

This web site is the "Swiss Army Knife" in the group of Fyfe & Fibrwrap web sites for the respective companies throughout the world. It will help you unlock the full knowledge-sharing potential of all these sites by providing you a quick overview of what our group of companies does and by guiding you through the network of our specialized business to quickly and accurately find the right answers to your needs.

We would like to encourage you to be part of our ever-expanding group of enthusiastic professionals by sharing here your perspectives, notions and problems. By doing that, you will be propelling the advancement of the repair and strengthening industry, you will deepen your knowledge in this field and you will be making headway in your professional carrier.

Thank you for visiting the FCE Web Site.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification

FCE has been granted certification, complying to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 "QualityManagement Systems Requirements" with the scope of: “Technical, Financial, Planning & Development Services.”




Market Sectors

Transportation Infrastructure

Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are implemented in transportation infrastructure projects (bridges, tunnels, viaducts etc.) throughout the world since 1988.


Buildings Structures
Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are providing structurally sound and cost effective solutions to owners, architects and structural designers involved in rehabilitation of old and new buildings.

Pipeline & Liquid Storage Structures
Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) consist of specially developed and environmentally friendly materials to satisfy the need for repair of pipes (concrete, steel) and liquid storage structures.


Waterfront Structures
Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are used constantly because of their technological advantages (under and on water applications) on a variety of waterfront structures (piers, wharfs, jetties etc).

Industrial & Silos, Nuclear facilities
Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are offering through their technology a series of advantages to Industrial facilities owners. These are prolongation of expected life of existing structures, undisturbed productivity during repair works, reducing of maintenance cost and minimum environmental footprint.

Blast Protection
Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) has developed special materials in order to offer a passive response to blast accidents or acts of terror as means of comprehensive blast protection.

Latest News

2015 Fyfe Fibrwrap Europe Joint Meeting, on May 19 & 20 at the Vouliagmeni Suites in Athens, Hellas.

Fibrwrap Group

Fibrwrap France proudly announces the beginning of rehabilitation of 36 000 sq.m. of offices at the heart of Paris.

Fibrwrap France

Fibrwrap Germany has successfully completed the Strengthening of T-Beams for a commercial building in Vilinius, Lithuania

Fibrwrap Germany

Fibrwrap Contractors has completed the Structural strengthening of a Bridge pier and 24 prestressed beams.

Fibrwrap Contractors

Fibrwrap Nederland completed the structural rehabilitation of sewer manhole, for Municipality of Zuidhorn

Fibrwrap Nederland

TFS® is now the only composite system with the General Technical Approval (Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) in Germany and Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland is the Certified Applicator already qualified to install it.

February 2014



Fibrwrap Construction Europe (FCE) was established to fulfill the unique requirement of supporting engineers, owners and agencies in their efforts to retain, prolong and enhance the value of their investments.
Through a network of specialized companies, FCE operates to serve as the one-stop station for rehabilitation, repair and strengthening of any kind of engineered structure (above or underground, in or near the sea) subjected to any type of loading (gravity, earthquake, wind, blast, etc.).

FCE also seeks to expand its operational capabilities in new territories by collaborating with leading local companies, professionals and experts. The company offers many unique cooperation models, adapted to the individual business framework of each country, which create the proper conditions for successful synergies and work associations.

I encourage you to actively participate in our efforts to enhance structural safety and value by contacting us to offer your comments, to discuss business opportunities or to get tailor-made answers to your unique needs and problems.

Dr. Dimitris Koutsoukos, P.E., S.E.
Managing Director


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